• The IOU project produces unique, handmade apparel based on fabrics handwoven in India. Because each textile is unique, we provide end buyers with the ability to trace the production process from finished goods right back to the weaver that hand-wove the fabric.
    The stories of how that item was created, of the people involved, of the customers who purchased them, are the essence of the e-commerce social network which the IOU Project has built as a meeting place for community that shares our brand values of authenticity, transparency, uniqueness and both social and environmental responsibility.


I OWE YOU – we love trip!

I OWE YOU – back style!

I OWE YOU – Pitti Immagine uomo- 2014

I OWE YOU – denim cotton-linen shirt

I OWE YOU – real madras scarfs

I OWE YOU – blondie look!

I OWE YOU – the handsome look!

I OWE YOU – the real gabardine chinos

I OWE YOU – The summer coming

I OWE YOU – the handmade master! Indian artisan hands

I OWE YOU – check check check

I OWE YOU – some lifestile

I OWE YOU – light denim

I OWE YOU – chambrais + gabardine = MASTER STYLE!

I OWE YOU – collection display

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